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Find Family Happiness on Mail Order Brides Websites

If thoughts of marriage have crossed your mind already, you should know that finding the best match is not always simple. Let’s be completely honest — we may want different things from a woman: good looks, cheerful personality, impressive career, and so on. Still, we also want to come back to a tidy home and enjoy a delicious dinner on top of that. These criteria — tidy homes, delicious dinners, happy children — are some of our default requirements for a perfect wife, whether we want to admit it or not. 

On the other hand, most Western ladies seem to have a different understanding of a perfect family. Running homes, raising children, and cooking meals are not exactly their top priorities. At the very least, they are not ready to compromise their social life and careers for the sake of families. And, it really does not matter if you think it selfish or reasonable — that’s the current situation most men have to put up with.

But what if you could change this situation and find a wife who would, first of all, be responsible for the family happiness? Finding a woman like this does require some time and effort, but the undertaking is possible with mail order brides services. We’ll tell you more about these sites, as well as women who register there, offering useful tips on choosing the best platform you can trust. Read on to find out how you can find a wife you’ve been secretly dreaming of!

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Why mail order brides make such great wives?

The first thing you must understand about mail order brides is that these women are searching for husbands, specifically. Since not all of them come from highly developed countries (even though some of them do), men often believe that these women would consent to anything just to leave their devastated, hopeless homes. This, however, is nothing but a stereotype that has little to do with the actual reality. Yes, many of these women are looking for better lives; and yes — many of them would gladly take care of the households rather than work 40 hours a week. Still, it does not mean that all of them are looking for Western moneybags. 

Take Asia, for example. Here, most women still don’t have a say in many important matters and are expected to obey their fathers blindly. This includes marrying a match her parents have chosen for her, which is not exactly a dream come true. So, no surprise that more and more Asian women take matters into their own hands and start looking for a man they’ll want to marry. At the same time, their patriarchal upbringing influences them for the rest of their lives. Wives like this will never start arguments and will always be respectful of their husbands and in-laws. They are also very hard-working and resourceful and will take care of all the household routine without complaining.

Or, if you don’t want to look so far, consider Latin America. Here, a lot of women are still physically abused at homes. Emotional abuse is also common, and most men don’t have any qualms cheating on their women — after all, it’s all part of machismo culture. Once again — not at all surprising that women start looking for husbands on other continents. Marrying a woman like this will be an exciting adventure, and it will not be as culturally shocking as marrying an Asian bride. Besides, we all know how hard-working Latin Americans are (not to mention that Latino women look absolutely stunning). Your home will sparkle with a wife like this, and even after all the work she does around the house, she’ll have the energy to spend the night dancing.

If you are into Europeans, you may also want to consider Slavic brides from Eastern Europe. Russia is probably your first association, and this association may be a bit off-putting for some men. In reality, there are plenty of other Slavic countries, including Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, etc. Most Slavic women have excellent education and outstanding intelligence. They also have the keenest sense of humor and will always laugh in the face of difficulties. 

The reason they join international dating sites is that most Slavic men are quite spoiled — for lack of a better world. They expect their wives to work full-time jobs, take care of the houses and the children, and satisfy every whim of theirs on top of that. All of that — while staying fit and cheerful. You’d be surprised, but most Slavic brides can manage that. Still, they grow sick and tired of men taking them for granted and start looking for a man who would appreciate their great personalities and their efforts around the house. And trust us — with wives like these, husbands will have more than one reason for appreciation. 

As you can see, mail order brides are a very generalized notion, and different women have different reasons for joining these sites. Money, however, is hardly ever their primary concern. If we had to dumb it down, we’d say that mail order brides are looking for men who would love and respect them. They dream of healthy families and cozy homes; and, more importantly, they are ready to work for it.

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How do mail order brides sites work?

When you register, you will not see any critical difference between using a mail order brides platform and browsing any other dating site you’ve ever seen. These websites have detailed profiles, search algorithms, a chance to send messages, start live chats, etc. However, there is one crucial difference most men are ready to pay for — all brides profiles are verified. You will not see a verified batch, though. Placing verification badges is common practice on websites that may or may not verify their user identities. Mail order brides platforms, on the other hand, always check ladies’ IDs before allowing them to join the site — so, there is no real need to place verification badges. Every lady behind their profiles is a real person.

Apart from verifying every bride’s identity (often on the spot, in one of the company’s local divisions), most reputable services run regular background checks. They call the ladies and ask them questions about their profile activity, as well as personal data the agency has access to. Such a policy is designed to ensure none of the accounts are hacked and that the lady herself is responsible for all the communication.

If the lady lacks English skills, she may be offered help from one the internal translators. However, most of the agencies these days switch from manual to automatic translation. First of all, this is a more affordable option that allows site management to reduce their subscription fees. Flirting couples, however, will appreciate more intimacy and anonymity in their correspondence. Besides, more and more brides these days master English even if their previous conversation skills used to be lower than necessary. And, besides, many of them are quite fluent even when they join the site.

Another useful perk gentlemen should appreciate in the long run is help with travel and marriage arrangements. Once again, couples are not obliged to arrange their meetings and marriage ceremonies over the site — even though any lucky couple can make use of this opportunity. After all, getting all marriage visas might be a long and troublesome experience, and most brides agencies can alleviate this process for an additional cost. This is something you might want to consider, as taking care of all the paperwork is more stressful than one can often imagine.

As for travel arrangements, those may come in handy if you plan to visit several brides in the same country. Once again, the request would not be uncommon — after all, there are so many beautiful and intelligent ladies on mail order brides sites that choosing just one without meeting in person is not always possible. That’s why many gentlemen limit their pool of options to a couple of brides, visit each of them, and then decide if they are ready to pop the question. 

As for the rest, the logic and the functionality will remain pretty much the same as on any other dating app. It’s the details and the focus on marriage that are different. Sure, depending on the particular platform you join, some functional features may differ as well. For example, sites may offer match-making games, not unlike Tinder, where you have to like or dislike some of the site’s match suggestions. Still, no matter how much interactive features may differ, it all goes down to paid communication with prospective brides. 

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How to choose the best site for you

If you tried googling for mail order brides services, you must have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the results you see. How do you choose the best site that would help you find your perfect bride as soon as it is technically possible? While the search period will mostly depend on your luck (just like with traditional, onsite dating), it’s possible to point out several suggestions that will help you make an informed decision:

  • Start with the website niche: this is the first call you’ll have to make, and it should not be too hard. Think of the type of women who attract you most, and search for a website that operates in this region. If you can narrow this choice down to one particular country, do.
  • Consider the functions you’ll need: even if you look for a site that works in one region or country, you will probably get more than one search result. So, it’s time to think which communication features you’ll use the most. While the majority of platforms offers plenty of communication means from emails to video chats, some platforms emphasize written communication. So, paying for letters and text chats on such platforms will be cheaper than using video chatrooms. Or, the site may offer blogs and match-making games, for example. If you do not plan to read or play them anyway, you might want to choose a simpler website. 
  • Pick an optimal payment plan: even when you narrow down the list of required services, you’ll still a couple of subscriptions types to choose from (depending on the platform). Some operate on a fixed subscription basis — you simply pay fixed-price for a bulk of services included in your membership type. Others will charge customers for every separate service. It may seem more reasonable — especially if the site subscription includes a lot of default services you are not interested in. However, it will not necessarily be cheaper. All in all, most men spend from 30 to 60 USD/month on international dating fees, so consider this in your calculations. 
  • Double-check all legal details: it may be an incredibly boring read to go through all the terms and conditions of using the service, but we still recommend you do that — some sites may yet surprise you with hidden fees. Also, you might want to make sure the site has a legal address and a phone number. Contacting their support with any questions is also a nice idea.
  • Go through independent reviews: when you know all the company’s legal details, it will not be hard to find them on social media. At this point, you’re one step away from seeing real-life user reviews and feedback — and those can be quite different from praising testimonials most companies publish on their main pages.


If everything seems in order, you can safely join the site and start looking through the selection of beautiful mail order brides. Stay patient, and you should find your perfect match soon enough!


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