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The Growing Popularity of Russian Brides

When talking about international dating services, one usually imagines an opportunity to meet hot Latin women or delicate Asian beauties. There is, however, another group of women who hold a special place in this paradigm — the gorgeous Russian ladies. Maybe even some of your friends have Russian wives and make you envious of their happiness. Luckily, you don’t have to wallow in envy: You too can set out to find your soulmate among Russian brides.

Apparently, looking for Russian brides online is much easier and more convenient than traveling all the way to Russia from the get-go. In fact, it’s even easier than going to a local bar only to find that the kind of date you’d like isn’t there. You can meet hot Russian brides on general dating platforms and on those identifying as a Russian brides club and only have women profiles from Russia and other ex-Soviet countries. Before going there, however, it’s critical to address the question — ‘Do Russian women make good wives?’, and to be 100% confident about the affirmative answer.

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Primary things to know about Russian mail order brides

‘Mysterious’ is always one of the first words that come to mind when we think about Russian girls. But — whenever one of them comes into the room, we cannot help but notice her. Their incredible beauty makes them stand out among women of all other nations, and that’s why one can call it otherworldly. It’s difficult to imagine this kind of beauty before you see it. So, most of us cannot know that we’re bound to fall in love with it before we meet a Russian lady of our dreams. Later on, as we unravel this mystery and get to know what kind of person she is, we get more and more convinced that she is the one.

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How do Russian women look so stunning at all times?

If you ever go to Russia, you will notice that almost every woman you see looks great in her own way. Even if you’re only after young Russian girls, you cannot help but notice that even mature women look great. For a man, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the set of features that make this or that woman attractive. Russian ladies, on the other hand, always know what to do to look their best at all times.

The first and main thing that Russian girls realize in this regard is that even the most enviable genetics won’t get them far or allow them to remain beautiful forever. They realize that beauty takes effort. So, they take great care to maintain a healthy diet, lead an active lifestyle, and meticulously pick the clothes that emphasize their advantages.

As someone keen on diets, a Russian girl knows that it’s easier to stick to a diet when it’s not only healthy but also palatable. Naturally, having a wife like that means having a healthy home-cooked delicacy on your table every day. Some think that it’s next to impossible to eat healthily in America — the land of junk food. Hot Russian women will be eager to disprove this opinion because they can put together a healthy culinary masterpiece from whatever they can find at the local grocery store.

An active lifestyle is essential to our health, too. At times, it may get challenging to get yourself to work out or to go jogging, especially when you have to do it alone. Your Russian wife will be your perfect companion and motivator. If you prefer to spend your weekend on a couch after a long week, she won’t mind it either and work out alone — it’s not a problem for her.

When it comes to the wardrobe, beautiful Russian women can boast an unmatched sense of style. Interestingly, it doesn’t take them hours of shopping to pick the outfit that will suit them perfectly, regardless of the occasion. Even her workout outfit will be picked in flawless taste to make her look as if she came from a catalog. Moreover, she always knows what she wants to wear (and even which of your outfits will match her dress best), so you will never spend hours waiting for her decision.

It all begs the question — how are all these features specifically Russian? Is there a special Russian gene responsible for such an attitude? Why aren’t women in other places not like that? The answer is fairly simple — motivation. Women in the West are more used to waiting to meet a man who will ‘love them for who they really are.’ Sadly, it often translates into a complete refusal to improve oneself to become more desirable. Russian mail order wives, on the other hand, strive to be the best version of themselves. This single detail already signifies a lot about their personality.

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Most shared traits of beautiful Russian girls

Naturally, every Russian girl is unique, and Russian culture isn’t all that collectivist. Still, there are some traits that one may expect to see in a Russian lady — the traits that the Russian culture cherishes and enforces over others. The most significant of them may seem to be opposite to each other, but you’ll be amazed at how organically they intertwine in the character of your gorgeous Russian wife. These traits are independence and loyalty.

Since their early childhood, beautiful Russian women learn that there are few things in life worse than being a burden and owing to someone. They become apt students and build spectacular careers to be able to afford everything they want, but most importantly — independence. Likewise, she will never treat her loved one as if he owes her something.

Consequently, she understands marriage as a union into which people enter out of their free will. As such, the basis for the existence and longevity of this marriage is the free will of both spouses to continue staying together and being loyal to each other. This is only possible when the two are not only lovers but also best friends — and that’s what you’ll find in your beautiful Russian friend: a pal and a confidant. She will always know how to cheer you up and when to let you have a few moments of peace.

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Where to find hot Russian brides to date

As we have mentioned, the most obvious place to look for single Russian women is a specialized dating website. Meeting Russian women online has an entire set of advantages over the conventional offline dating, which we also have already listed. Employing the services of an international dating agency has been common practice for ages, and maybe even some of your friends got to mail order Russian brides. If you’ve heard stories of gentlemen getting scammed or otherwise abused, rest assured that mail order brides agencies today represent a reputable industry that’s keen on the clients’ safety. General common sense and the safety guidelines of the dating website you have chosen are quite enough to stay out of trouble. The only thing that resembles a challenge here is picking the right website to start your online dating adventure.

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Picking the perfect dating website to find your soulmate

Indeed, there Russian mail order brides websites that occupy this niche today are quite dependable. The shady and ill-intended services didn’t survive on the market. Besides, search engines also work tirelessly to deliver their users accurate and reliable search results to any query. So, if you google something like ‘buy a Russian bride,’ you’ll instantly see at least a dozen reliable dating services. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should pick one at random, sign up, buy a subscription, and start chatting. The market is quite competitive, and every website struggles to offer something unique. 

You, meanwhile, should realize that finding a lifetime partner is a serious affair that must take quite some time. You will have to spend at least half a year getting to know your lovely Russian bride-to-be well enough before you can be 100% confident that you want to travel to Russia or invite her here. Throughout all this time, you need to be comfortable with the service you’re using to communicate with her. This is why the importance of picking the right dating platform for you is difficult to overestimate. To facilitate your choice, here is a checklist of details to pay attention to when making up your mind:

  • Customer feedback and professional reviews. You can often find those on the dating website itself, but there can be reasonable doubt about their objectivity there. You can find more objective information on third-party resources like Reddit or specialized websites that review dating services.
  • Prices and fees. The registration is always free, and so is a limited set of functions and features. When the user wants something more than the basics (for example, video calls or advanced search filters), the dating platform will offer it at a price. But there can be two approaches. You can access all features by paying for a subscription (for a single month or for a longer period). On other platforms, you buy the services you intend to use (for example, ten minutes of a video call). The website’s pricing and other finance-related details (refund policy, available payment methods, etc.) should be easy to find before you register because you should be aware of it in advance. Importantly, you should only enter your credit card information when you are purchasing something — not to create a profile, not to verify your personality, etc. If unsure about anything, never hesitate to contact the platform’s customer assistance.
  • Range of services. You also need to know what precisely the platform has to offer to you. Are there search filters where you can specify what kind of beautiful Russian brides you’d like to meet or do they also employ automatic matchmaking algorithms? Does the website have video calls? Can this dating agency have a small present from you delivered to your lovely girl? Can they take care of your travel and accommodation arrangements when you decide to meet in person? Can they offer legal assistance when you decide to marry? You need to know the answers to questions like these before you make up your mind about this particular dating service.
  • Contact info. It goes without saying that any existing company should have a legal address. If there is no address, then there is no company which you can refer to if necessary. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but the address should still be there. What you most probably will need at some point is responsive customer support. So, it’s best if you check in advance how prompt, polite, and professional they are.
  • Safety and security. Today, all websites where a user has to sign up use secure SSL connection as an extra safety measure, it’s a must. You can check if your website uses it by looking at the website’s URL. If it does, then the URL will start with HTTPS, and if it’s just HTTP, — then there is no SSL and you should keep looking. This measure, however, doesn’t save from scammers. A common security feature is the ID verification procedure that both Western men and Russian women for marriage must undergo when registering with the website. It may be a bit tedious to verify your ID, but it adds an extra level of security both for you and for Russian women brides one whom will eventually be yours. Once again, you should know about the website’s security measures and procedures before you decide to sign up. If necessary, you should always feel free to clarify any details with customer support.
  • Additional information. A dependable dating website will try hard to make your online dating experience as pleasurable as it gets. A good way to do it is to have a blog with fun and insightful articles. These might concern how to date Russian women, how to impress them and win them over, what to avoid by all means while dating them, etc. The value of such information is apparent: It gives you the heads up when you begin your interaction with Russian brides online. You know what you can ask during the initial small talk and get curious about some details of Russian culture that your lady will be happy to clarify for you.
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Patience is key when dating Russian mail order brides

It is exciting to meet a special person, and one may be eager to forget about everything and tie the knot. But marriage, especially an international one, is not an affair that welcomes rushed decisions. So, the final piece of advice we’d like to share is that you take your time and make sure that your perfect match is indeed perfect for you. As we have said, online dating is a highly competitive market. So, all the dating services try to keep their services as affordable as possible. You won’t get bankrupt by spending some extra time on the website getting to know your lovely Russian bride-to-be appropriately. What you will gain, though, is the unbeatable confidence in the success and longevity of your marriage.

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